Sunday, 16 October 2011

Photography Community or Sharing Websites

Lomography - site dedicated to analog photography click here

Macro Photography - Links

Richard Edson close up photographs of toys click here

Rui cardosa Macro Photography click here

Flickr style account wit Macro Photography examples click here

Boyle Family click here

Urban Exploration Dan Dubowitz

Dan Dubowitz is a photographer and documentary maker who has travelled to abandoned buildings all around the world

This one is a book about abandoned and now demolished and redeveloped industrial Manchester. click here to open online book

This one is a book about colonies in facist Italy where the children of the poor could be 're-educated click here to open online book

This one is a collection of photographs detailing visits to wastelands click here to open book

Macro Photography - The Boyle Family

The works of Boyle Family reproduce the world with the minimum of artistic licence and as objectively as possible. They aim to make us look at reality with the same attention we would devote to a film or to the visual arts. Chance also plays an important role in determining what they will reproduce. The Boyle Family choose locations by chance, throwing darts at maps. This is one of a series of random studies of broken black and white paths, showing the process of disintegration and change. It is one of their ‘Earth Works’, in which they reproduce a section of ground, whether it be pavement, sand or soil.

Here is the first work of art shown above a painted fibreglass cast sculpture in an exhibition in the Hayward Gallery in 1986

The Boyle Family are not photography they are a family and group of artists who create art that deals with similar ideas to Macro Photography. You might find sites on the internet just showing the works of art and describing them as photos, but these are fibre glass and paint sculptures

Link to their experiments using found sounds

Macro Photography - Slikachu / the little people

Three photos are used as we move from macro to normal and to landcape

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Photo Manipulation

Anne Bayin no digital manipulation just clever juxtaposition of images

Pierre Beteille digital artist and photographer