Thursday, 14 June 2012

Tableau restaged photos and Works of Art

What we now call Tableau is a form of what 19th Century entertainers would have called Tableau Vivant. Paintings or historical moments were created as fair sideshows or stage shows. Costumed actors with props would recreate the composition and freeze for on lookers. It was an attempt to bring art to everyday people in a time before mass photography or mass colour reproductions.

Street entertainers, costumed, painted and posed 'frozen' in Covent Garden, the street market in Barcelona or a million other locations are the direct descendants of this tradition.

Justin Nunnink Photographer recreates Salvador Dali

Cindy Sherman

The Raft of the Medusa (100 Mile House) is a 2009 tableau vivant created by visual artist Adad Hannah of Montreal, one of the winners of a $15,000 mid-career award.

 tableau vivant or living picture

Time - changes over time

Zed Nelson - Portrait Photography
Zed has taken the same portrait of the same family each year for the last 25 years to show the changes and the process



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Chino Otsuka
Photographer who revisits old self portrait photographs and inserts her current day self into the photo

web article

Chino Otsuka's website

see also reflections of the elderly as they once were click here

The wreckage of United Airlines Flight 826 and Trans World Airlines Flight 266, which crashed over NYC in December of 1960.

Marc Hermann blends gruesome crime scene photos with contemporary scenes

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Adverts for History Channel by photographer Seth Taras that blend 'famous' historic photos with contemporay photos


Using CD or LP sleeves and their locations on Google Maps to create images through time

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High School in Detroit Mitchigan USA now empty and abandoned. Then and now photos laid over the top of each other click to see more images

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American Photographer has taken photos of the same members of his family in a group portrait, once a year since 1975



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Back To The Future

Dear Photograph

Young Me Now Me

Tom Phillips

Tourists walk by where the body of a dead German soldier once lay in the main square of Place Du Marche in Trevieres after the town was taken by US troops who landed at nearby Omaha Beach in 1944.

Piece to celebrate 70 years since D Day landings in Europe mixes photos from landing with contemporary shots

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