Monday, 25 February 2013

A2 Inside Outside Haynes Manuals

Originally published as car maintenance manuals to enable people to be able to maintain, service and repair their cars themselves, Haynes published a manual for most makes and models of car, even classic cars

The Haynes manual became so popular that lots of copies were produced. This one is published by Castrol a oil company and is basically a Haynes rip off - is it coincidental that the author is a JH Haynes

Haynes has become a recognisable brand - with manuals that explore many interests and not just our need to maintain or service

 Haynes still publishes car manuals, but now uses more contempory images that dont have that retro chic
Haynes Website


slow exposure photo from


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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A2 Edexcel Flaws perfection ideals compromises A2 Inside Outside And Inbetween

What does body language tell us about the people in this image?

Putting text alongside the image tells a story....but is it the only story?

The difference between thoughts inside someones head and how they are seen by the photographer makes for an interesting contrast and an interesting image. Either as a single image or a series of images

Look at body language what is the person in this photo thinking?


Where's the bus my feet are killing me

I can remember when this was all fields

What Ideas do you have?

Think about use of humour, overlaying text to create a book cover as the title will change our perceptions of the image, adding text as a tag line as if its an image in a newspaper, create a series of photos that gradually reveal the story like a Slinkachu...first image no text, second image text, third image different text.

You can use digital, hand drawn speech bubbles or thought bubbles added afterwards. You can hold them up in the original image. But that can instantly make the image humourous and ironic do you want that

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

AS Covert Photography / CCTV and hidden cameras

unusual viewpoint - inside a swing bin

  unusual viewpoint -  inside the dishwasher

Justin Quinell 

How can you make your photos look covert or hidden like a CCTV or hidden camera

 Al Reid  
 taking photos through a window with a view point that suggests the people we are looking at dont know we are there

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Covert And Obscured Victorian Photographs

Early photography meant long exposure times with the subjects having to sit very still for long stretches of time. The solution was to 'hide' a parent in the photo who could hold and reassure the infant. Often the final photo was cropped to an oval so we couldnt see the whole of the parent, but these shots have a strange quality

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Monday, 4 February 2013

A2 Exam Inside Outside and Inbetween Framing

What is inside and Outside of the frame - what is left out and what is included

Inside Outside and Inbetween A2 Exam Framing

Daniel Kuklar

Here is another approach to framing. There is no photoshop here, merely a lighter sky or landscape behind the photographer that is reflected in the mirror.

interesting use of a mirror on an easel to create a contrast between the reflected image and the rest of the landscape