Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Edexcel A Level Photography Exam 2017 'Environment' Walker Evans Dor

Walker Evans was an American Photographer who was fascinated by recording the ordinary everyday things that he saw travelling around American. Taking photos from the 1930s onwards a lot of these images seem retro and fascinating now because the things that were everyday are not everyday now

1935 - 1937 Evans was comissioned by the American FSA (Farm Security Agency) to travel around Southern Sates of America recording a way of life that due to the American Depression and changes in farming was changing or dying out

Bud Fields and His Family, Hale County, Alabama, photograph by Walker Evans, c. 1936–37
More recently Walker Evans ( who died in the 1970s) and the other photographers employed by the FSA has been heavily criticised by descendents of the people he photographed. The families maintain that the shots were staged or set up to present them as barefoot hillbillies and that these photos showed them as lower class people and victims and they didnt represent the reality of their day to day lives

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